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英語のテストを受けるのは、英語力向上に非常に有効だと思っているので、 スピーチトピックの一つとして、そのTOEICや英検などの英語のテストを受けるメリットについて書いてみた。




There are many kinds of English examinations you can take. I've been taking the exams such as Eiken, TOEIC and so on. It contributes to improvement of my English skills. I'd like to talk about the reasons.


Firstly, you can find strong and weak points of your English skills. For example, Eiken test includes reading, listening, writing and speaking test. I've never failed 1st round test that includes reading, listening and writing test. However, I've failed the speaking test a few times, so I noticed I wasn't good at speaking English. Since then I've been focusing on enhancing the speaking skill.


Secondly, taking an exam gives us a purpose. If you have no specific purpose, it's difficult to keep studying English. When you sign up an English exam, then it's a purpose for studying English. It's easier to continue to study English. Motivation is important.


Thirdly, when you pass the test or get a target score, you feel impressed. If you struggle to achieve the goal, you'll be more happier when you achieve the goal. You also can have confidence. In additin you might be able to utilize your grade or your score. You can use it for getting jobs or promotions in your company. A successful experience is important. It makes you want to keep studying English.


In conclusion, for these reasons, taking English exams is an effective way to honing your English skills. When you register for an English test, you might be surprised that you want to study more than you expected. Give it a try!










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