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面接官: Hello.

受験者: Hello.

面接官: May I have your card, please?

受験者: Here you are.



面接官: Thank you. Please, have a seat.

受験者: Thank you.



面接官: My name is Ann Bailey. May have your name, please?

受験者: Sure. It's Kazuto Matsuda.

面接官: All right. Mr. Matsuda. This is the Grade Pre-1 test. OK?

受験者: Yes.

面接官: So, Mr. Matsuda. Could you tell me a little bit about yourself?

受験者: Yes, I'm a university student. I'm studying trave and tourism.

面接官: Sounds interesting. Do you ever go abroad during your spring vacation?

受験者: Yes, I like to travel with my friends. We're goint to England this spring.

面接官: Well, I hope you have a great trip.



面接官: All right. Let's start. Here's your card.

受験者: Thank you.



面接官: You have one minute to prepare before you start your narration.


面接官: All right. Please begin your narration. You have two minutes.

受験者: One day, a woman was on her way to work. As she was walking from the station, a man in front of her was smoking. He accidentally burned her jacket with his cigarette. The next week, the woman took part in a campaign to stop people from smoking on the street. The campaigners were asking people walking by to sign a petition to support their cause, and some people were happy to do so. Six months later, the woman was pleased to see that some workmen were making a special smoking area near the station. Also, a sign had been put up to warn people that if they smoked while walking on the street, they would be fined 1,000 yen. A few days later, however, the woman walked past the smoking area and saw a lot of smoke coming from it. Some other people walking by were coughing.

面接官: Thank you.



面接官: Now, I'm goin to ask you four questions. Are you ready?

受験者: Yes.

面接官: No.1. Please look at the fourth picture. If you were the woman, what would you be thinking?

受験者: I'd be thinking, "Our campaign hasn't solved the problem. It might be better to ban smoking in all public places. Maybe I should speak to the campaign organizers again."



面接官: Now, Mr. Matsuda, please turn over the card and put it down.


面接官: No.2 Should more be done to warn children about the dangers of smoking?

受験者: No. Most schools explain to students that smoking is harmful to their health. This seems to be working, as I've heard that the smoking rate is declining.

面接官: No.3 Do you think that the crime rate in Japan will increase in the future?

受験者: Yes. The poor economic conditions are unlikely to improve soon, so unemplyoment will increase. This will cause more pople to turn to crime in order to survive.

面接官: No.4 Do you think that public opinion can influence decisions made by the government?

受験者: Yes. The government needs the support of the public to get re-elected, so if enough people protest against something, the government has no choice but to listen.



面接官: Well, that's all, Mr. Matsuda. Could I have the card back, please?

受験者: Sure. Here you are.

面接官: Thank you.



面接官: You may go now.

受験者: Thank you. Good-bye.

面接官: Good-bye.













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